*Kids Say the Darndest Things!

A small boy is sent to bed by his father...

[Five minutes later]

"I'm thirsty. Can you bring me a drink of water?"
"No. You had your chance. Lights out."

[Five minutes later]

"I'm THIRSTY...Can I have a drink of water??"
"I told you NO! If you ask again I'll have to spank you!!"

[Five minutes later]

"When you come in to spank me, can you bring me a drink of water?"

* Cats In Heaven

A little boy is gone to school one day and while he is gone, his cat gets killed. His mother is very concerned about how he will take the news. Upon his arrival home, she explains the tragedy and tries to console the boy saying, "But don't worry, the cat is in heaven with God now."

To which the boy replied, "What's God gonna' do with a dead cat?"

- As told by Laughalot-owner@laughalot.com!

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